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The California taxicab business includes a variety of owners- from the independent driver to worldwide corporations.  It is not just about airport contracts, transportation contacts, and Request For Proposals ( RFPs).  Taxi Medallions and Franchises are the most common concern.  The biggest names, investors, and companies often fight with high powered lawyers and connections...How do you beat them?  Start by writing the best RFP or RTP, Response to Proposal.  Taxi Cab Pros specializes in California.

Insurance : Taxi Cab Consultancy and Insurance
Taxi Cab Pros consultants have been around for nearly 20 years and have hands on experience bringing companies up from the ground level to the top.  Our skill sets are unique to the volatile taxicab industry.  Other consultants don't have the hands on proposal bidding, contracting, or management of taxi cab contracts like we do.  Consulting for taxi cab RFPs and proposals is our emphasis, with business building strategies within our field available for direct review.  The right consultant can impact your business significantly.  The biggest issue in taxicab operations is Insurance.

Cab Insurance costs and comparisons:
Find the right taxi cab insurance at the right price.  Whether you need 1 million in General Liability or $5 million in Auto Liability, we can bring you specialized insurers who offer the best options.  Insurance costs as low as $1800 per year, per taxi, for $1 million auto liability, brings your overhead down to reasonable levels.

Winning Operations through an R.F.P.
What can make or help your taxi cab business become more successful?  Our industry experience, knowledge, and tactics can help you become the largest taxi cab operation in your area.  The right taxi-operational strategies, response to proposals, and marketing plans can make you the dominant taxi operation in a local or regional area. 

Professional Proposals for Taxi Cab companies
A winning taxi cab operation combines more than the basic knowledge of your average degreed professional.  You need a focused, hands on experience and problem solving.  person who has been through it all.  Now, you have access to that type of professional through

Team of Proposal Experts
The right RFP demands the right Response to Proposal.  Our team of taxi experts have worked with and submitted proposals for various cities in the Southern California area, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, and John Wayne airport under the 18004MYTAXI brand.  Winning proposals have been accepted for JWA, Anaheim, and the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center.  Other successes include county contracts and other private medical accounts.  Experience with research in the markets of San Francisco, Coachella Valley, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Orange County CA, provides us the background of success.  The tie in of lobbyists, CPAs, Insurance Experts, and other professionals with our proposal writing skills creates maximum chance of success. 
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