Taxi Cab Proposal Writing and Submissions

The future of your taxi cab operation or company is on the line when you submit a proposal.  Not only is it a chance for you to leap ahead of the competition by submitting a well done proposal, but you set the competitor behind and keep them there.  Exclusive contracts equate into better financing capability and more respectability for future activities.  You must taxi ops.

Good taxi cab proposal writing is supplemented by lobbying the key decision makers at the public official level.  You can do this through building your reputation, offering anecdotal evidence of your capabilities, and of course, through campaign contributions or fund raising.

The key to proposal writing is a total strategy.  Your good proposal may be stopped or hindered by the city official.  A great proposal has support at the top.  You must unify your presentation, not just for the city or county grading official, but for the councilman or supervisor who knows little about your operation....

You need the right team, Taxi Cab Pros. We offer 100% support from writing with proper themes, to assistance from a CPA, lobbyist, and attorney - all experienced with taxi cab proposals.  You must tie in different disciplines under the unified theme for maximum impact.  We can help you do that.  One of the most underutilized skill sets in proposals is an experienced taxi cab operation CPA.  Audited financials give respectability and the proper foundation for your plan.

Taxi Proposals must have a unified theme, directed at the right person.  We dont write for the regular person reading the proposal, nor even for the government official who awards a contract.  We write for the grader.  The grader of a taxi proposal includes the government servant, everyday person, directed by some head person.  The key is to bring it together for consensus and rememberability at the end.  Key points have to be exclaimed and reinforced.  Show the things your good at, especially where your competitor is lacking.  Do this without being negative or overforceful and show some style.

Key areas of the Taxi proposal include training, experience, management capability, fleet positives, financial stability, and work plan.  Your weaknesses need to be downplayed and your strengths upped.  You must integrate what you are proposing. Ie, " We roll out the red carpet for our taxicab customers," and show that you already do this with your VIP account.  Make it believable.  If your proposal is not significant and believable, then youve lost the whole proposal.

Great proposal writing takes the facts and history of your company and transforms it into a strategy for achieving what the government guys want you to do.  This takes experience.  Of course it always helps if your not always in litigation with your taxi authority and suing the airport every few years, which is one of the drawbacks of 18004MY-TAXI.  All things considered, we were still able to come up with wins for them, based on expert skill and presentation of the strengths.  Were being very modest here.  Our results, even with our negative "cloud" are below:

City of Santa Monica
2010 City of Santa Monica Taxi Franchise - Results pending

County of Orange
2010 County of Orange ACCESS same day taxi program - 2nd place
( Entrenched competitor and litigation issues )

2007 County of Orange Office on Aging - Senior Mobility Program - 3rd place
( Came in second in some categories, even though we had no experience in this area at the time and proposed a 100 vehicle fleet that was only 5% complete at the time)

2009 John Wayne Airport Contract - 2nd place
(Entrenched competitor and legal issues against our company held us back)

2000 John Wayne Airport Contract - 1st place
(Beat an twenty year operation/entrenched taxicab company out but later lost the award due to insurance snafu, several years later)

2009 County of Orange - Department of Social Services General Transportation Contract - #1
Even with litigation previously against the county, we ranked #1 and were awarded the contract!

Long Beach
Long Beach Taxi Contract- Rejected
(Must use lawyer and lobbyist to beat out incumbent taxi cab firm that is entrenched)

City and Anaheim Taxi Franchise

2005 Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center - 1st place
(Beat out another 20 year old entrenched company out with a higher bid and qualitative enhancements)

2009 City of Anaheim Franchise - 3rd place
(Franchise continuance)

2001 City of Anaheim Franchise - 2nd place
(Initial Franchise Award)

Los Angeles

2000 City of Los Angeles Franchise - .5% shy of 500 taxi award, due to litigation with the County of Orange.  That's POINT Five percent, not Five percent off.......If there was no active litigation at the time with Orange County, you would be seeing 18004MY-TAXI in Los Angeles today.

HEADS UP - Los Anglese Taxi Cab Proposal Franchise and Medallions?   The city council and its numerous lobbyists are pushing for a mix of both a franchise and medallions...Why?  Taxi drivers are finally up to here with the greedy companies in LA and City officials want to consider medallions which would make the companies even richer.  Current debate is how to incorporate both structures.  This is revolution in the making.  Time to plan for this proposal for the LA Taxi Franchise is now....Due end of 2010 !

and numerous private contract awards through competitive proposal processes.